I wrote my first song aged 3

From a very young age music has always felt a very instinctive way to communicate. For me it has been therapeutic, getting lost in playing a song from the radio or writing my own. The feeling of having a blank canvas which is completely free to explore is exciting and liberating!


I am very happy to be able to impart my knowledge through my teaching.  Whether you are a beginner who is itching to learn piano, a budding songwriter or want to improve your voice I can tailor my lessons to suit your needs and goals.


NYE Pizza Express Maidstone, Dec 31st 2017

Hampstead Community Centre 40th Anniversary Party, Nov 2017

Fusion of Arts, Camden, Oct 9th 2017

Had great fun being part of an eccelectic evening of entertainment including music, poetry and performance art. I performed 3 songs from my EP '8 Hours'- 8 Hours, Do you think of me and Free.

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